Mobile home

egg shaped mobile home

egg shaped mobile home by dai haifei in beijing, china
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images courtesy of STR, AFP/getty images

undoubtedly one of the most interesting project getting featured on the world wide web,
the egg-shaped mobile home by twenty-four year old dai haifei is a response to beijing’s
soaring rental prices. haifie, a recent architecture school graduate, has designed
and lived in this temporary unit for the last two months.

solar panel attached to exterior
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images courtesy of STR, AFP/getty images

the ‘egg’, measuring six feet in height sits on two wheels and is constructed
from basket woven bamboo splints. the exterior features a patchwork of small sacks
containing seeds of grass that will grow to eventually provide insulation.
a south facing solar panel ‘provides’ power to a single lamp on the inside.
during the day, natural daylight enters through an opening in the ceiling.
the entrance can be propped open to facilitate natural ventilation.

detail of sack skin
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image courtesy netease

night view
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image courtesy of beijng times

given the small size and simple shape, the layout is minimal: a half circumference bed
and low, built in storage line the perimeter, making the space efficient for bare living.

interior view
image courtesy dai haifei

moving the mobile unit
image courtesy dai haifei

image courtesy dai haifei

building the opening on the ceiling
image courtesy dai haifei

weaving construction
image courtesy dai haifei

translation: ‘if you don’t pay your rent, I am throwing all your stuff out on the street!!!’

drawing courtesy dai haifei

wire frame model
drawing courtesy dai haifei

(left) plan
(right) section

drawing courtesy dai haifei

(left) hinging bed
(right) wall component

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